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PCS Price List

Labor Charges

Travel time for technicians  $38/hr. + expenses

On-site service   $75/hr.



Per item sent to PC Specialties for evaluation  $15.00

Note:  Shipping & Handling and Insurance charges will be added to items shipped through USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.

Travel charges will be added for items hand delivered.

Any service and/or installation will be billed separately.


Please place orders by email, fax or phone.  See Contact for email addresses, phone & fax numbers.

If you are a new customer, we require that you fill out a credit application.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you! 



Each Process Control Specialties, Inc. controller (and other products sold by PCSI) must be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and only for the specified purpose for which it was designed. Process Control Specialties, Inc. shall not be liable for any consequential damages, injury, paralysis or death arising from any use or misuse of the products purchased from us. By making a purchase from Process Control Specialties, Inc. you (the customer) and your heirs assume all responsibility of ownership, risks of use and agree to defend and hold harmless Process Control Specialties, Inc., its owners and heirs for any incident or action involving products purchase

PC Specialties Customer List

This page was last updated on July 23, 2012.
3H Manufacturing
Chart Recorder Pens
A&L Wood Products
Mt. Pleasant, PA
Metal detector service.
American Wood Dryers, Inc.
Clackamas, OR
Conventional Kiln Controllers (as an OEM).
AMS Kiln Dried Lumber
Port Tobacco, MD
1 Conventional Kiln Controller & misc. items.
Anonymous in the Pacific Northwest
Port Orchard, WA
2 VacDry 8.0 kilns. 3 Custom-built 30,000 MBF Vacuum Kilns.
Waynesboro, VA
4 Conventional Kiln Controllers and several WB Reservoirs.
Leola, PA
Barrett Lumber
Dayton, PA
Dehumidification Kiln (Nyle) Controller.
Bester Forest Products LTD.
Walkerton, Ontario
2 VacDry 4.0 vacuum kilns.
Blakeman Hardwood
Cambellsville, KY
1 VacDry 1.25 vacuum kiln.
Lenoir, NC
Conventional Kiln Controllers (as an OEM).
Bromley Sawmill & Machinery, LLC.
Hudson Falls, NY
1 Conventional Kiln Controller
Brooks Lumber Co.
Ralston, PA
5 Dehumidification Kiln Controllers. After installing one of our systems on a new Nyle, they had us replace four running controllers.
Brookville Wood Products, Inc.
Brookville, PA
Vacuum kiln service (VacuTech, WoodMizer, PowerDry).
Roulette, PA
Kiln Controller, vacuum kiln service (Vacutherm). One refurbished VacuTherm.
Catawissa, PA
Several Conventional Kiln Controllers (new & refurbished) and several Wet Bulb Reservoirs, Service.
Red Boiling Springs, TN
6 Conventional Kiln Controllers & interfaced computer.
Custom Controllers & Automation
South Carolina
Wet Bulb Wicks
Milesburg, PA
Partlow recording controllers with RS485 interface planned.
Tunkhannock, PA
Predryer Controller and Service.
Dimensional Hardwoods, Inc.
Prattsville, NY
Refurbished Cigomak vacuum kiln
Refurbished VacuTherm
Eastern Wood Products
Williamsport, PA
7 Conventional Kiln Controllers and Service.
Mansura, LA
Wet bulb wicks
Spanish Fort, AL
Misc. items.
Expedition Log Homes
Partlow 1160+
Buena Vista, VA
3 Conventional Kiln Controllers
Gatesville, NC
2 Dual Zone Conventional Controllers & interfaced computer.
Hancock Lumber/Bethel Sawmill
Bethel, ME
Wet Bulb Reservoirs.
Ontario, Canada
5 Conventional Kiln Controllers
International Forest Products
Overland Park, KS
Wet Bulb Reservoirs.
Jasper, AL
Wet Bulb Reservoirs & misc. items.
JD Lumber
Priest River, ID
9 Wet Bulb Reservoirs.
Jeremiah's Bat Products
Winfield, PA
1 VacDry 4.0 vacuum kiln.
K&F Wood Products
Beccaria, PA
2 Vacuum kilns (WoodMizer upgrades), predryer controllers.  Conventional kiln controller. Service.
First to use PC Specialties’ vacuum kiln process.  They have new, water heated vacuum kilns planned.
Keystone Bat & Billet
Winfield, PA
2 VacDry 4.0 vacuum kilns, 1 VacDry 5.0 vacuum kiln, Service.
Glen Hope, PA
Conventional kiln service (Partlow 4000's).
Lauchle Lumber
Montoursville, PA
Metal detector.
Lewis & Hockenberry
Emporium, PA
5 VacDry 8.0 vacuum kilns, 1 VacDry 2.5 vacuum kiln, kiln controllers, Boiler Feed-auger Controller, Sort line Controller, kiln service (Partlow 7000's), metal detector, computer interface, MOI sorter system service.  They have 13 of our control systems.  Our computer interface includes our controllers as well as older 7000 based controllers
Montoursville, PA
1 Temp. Logger, 1 Firewood Dryer Controller, Service.
Galax, VA
4 Conventional Kiln Controllers
Eugene, OR
Metal detector service
Howard City, MI
1 VacDry 2.5 vacuum kiln. 1 Dry Room Controller, Service.
Miila Studios
Barto, PA
Control equipment.
Rural, Retreat, VA
7 Conventional Kiln Controllers, 1 Steamer Controller, and interfaced computer.
North Carolina
4 Conventional Kiln Controllers.
Oak Ridge Lumber
Loganton, PA
Metal detector.
Pacific Isle Woods
Kapolei, HI
1 VacDry 8.0 vacuum kiln.
Galeton, PA
Conventional Kiln Controllers, kiln service (Partlow 7000's), computer interface, Boiler Feed-auger Controller, Predryer Controllers. As of July, 2003, Patterson Lumber has bought 17 of our control systems. Our computer interface includes our controllers as well as older 7000 based controllers built by BolDesign, ConvertaKiln and Total Controls.
Lewisburg, PA
Conventional Kiln Controllers, Predryer controllers, kiln service (Partlow 7000's). PA House had 16 of our control systems.
Perryville Stave Co.
Perryville, MO
1 Dehumidification Kiln Controller & interfaced computer.
Petty Funeral Home
South Carolina
Chart Recorder Pens
Potter Lumber Company
Allegany, NY
4 Conventional Kiln Controllers.
Jamesville, NY
Misc. Items and Service.
Henry, TN
Float valve assemblies.
Rick Ochs Lumber Co.
Brookville, PA
Ron Baltzley Hardwoods
Covington, PA
Kiln service (Partlow 7000's).
Sirianni Hardwoods, Inc.
Painted Post, NY
Several Conventional Kiln Controllers & kiln service (Partlow 7000's). Probably the biggest (and cleanest) “buy & dry” operation on earth.  PC Specialties provides all of their kiln controller service.
Bethel, PA
Custom drying schedule development.
Galax, VA
3 Conventional Kiln Controllers, 2 Dual-Zone Conventional Kiln Controller, 1 Electronic Steam Pressure Recorder. RH Sensors and Misc. Items.
Fish Research Station
Lamar, PA
1 Proportional pumping / waste heat recovery controller.
Walter McIlvain
Alexandria, PA
2 Conventional Kiln Controllers and Service.
Liberty, PA
9 Conventional Kiln Controllers to replace Partlow 7000's.
Whitesville, NY
Veneer dryer controllers...and many discussions about vacuum drying with these pioneers.
W Kitko & Sons
Glen Hope, PA
Conventional Kiln Controller, kiln service (Partlow 4000's).
Marion, VA
2 Conventional Kiln Controllers & interfaced computer.
Yoder Lumber Co.
McAlisterville, PA
Metal detector.
Please contact Garrett Socling at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if any names or locations are incorrect.

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