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Process Controllers

PCS Custom Process Controllers


Boiler Auger Controller

This system typically uses a Partlow controlled variable frequency drive
(also called an 'AC Drive' or 'Freq Drive') to proportionally control the speed wood chips
are fed into a wood waste boiler. This system can feed fuel into gasification
and conventional boiler systems.

The primary control loop sensor on these systems are typically a pressure transducer monitoring the boiler steam pressure. The feedback from the boiler pressure allows the Partlow 1160 to gauge the impact the speed of the fuel feed is having compared to the load on the boiler.

Boiler auger control is typically an aftermarket upgrade to an existing boiler control where the OEM auger feed is inadequate for the complexity of managing the changing nature of the sawdust feed (differing moisture contents, species, environmental changes, plant load changes, and so forth).


Proportional Pump Controller

This system uses a Partlow controlled variable frequency drive to run a centrifugal pump proportionally. It recovers heat from water being discharged from a USF&W fish research station: the water removed from the holding tank is pumped through a massive heat exchanger which recovers energy from the waste water, reducing the BTUs required to heat the fresh incoming water. It uses an ultrasonic level sensor to determine how much water is in the initial holding tank. As the water level increases and decreases with usage and the natural fluctuations of the stream which feeds the facility, the controller alters the pump speed to maintain the even level. Suitable for any application where a constant speed pump is not practical, or to save wear and tear from repeated on/off operation.


Custom Process Controllers

The Partlow 116x series control modules can take inputs from RTD's, linear mV, thermocouples, liner DC mA and linear DC volts. With these versatile input capabilities, they can read practically any transducer, transmitter or sensor. The display can use custom units between -1999 and +9999 with up to three decimal places, so they can display the range of practically any sensor and condition.

Outputs can be set to relay, SSR, 0-10 V DC, 0-20 mA DC, 0-5 V DC or 4-20 mA DC. This allows them to drive practically any actuator or retransmit to a wide range of drives and other devices.

The result is a truly versatile unit for process control.


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