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Welcome to Process Control Specialties, Inc! PC Specialties provides the eastern half of the United States with process control equipment and service, with our focus primarily on the forest products industry. The PCSI website includes information about the various Process Controllers that we build, provides our customer list, a growing exposition of existing installations, and a little background about PCSI and who we are...

Feel free to 'click around' the website, the top menu will always be there to whisk you back to safety (not that you'll get lost!). The 'Latest News' are the most recently updated pages, usually a good place to start if you are already familiar with our website. The 'Popular' items are things that other visitors found interesting enough to click on, another good place to start.

The News page serves as an information depot for little tidbits and small items which we believe are interesting or important enough to be published, but perhaps aren't substantial enough to warrant their own page of content. For example, an announcement regarding our new website is a bit of news you might find here, as are our recent installations.

The Kiln Controllers page includes an overview description of the different types of kiln controllers, and links for each type of kiln controller we build organized into the following categories: Accessories (items which are supplemental to our kiln controllers such as RH sensor upgrades, wet bulb reservoirs, etc etc), Conventional Kiln Controllers (controllers which are geared towards the typical 'Dry Bulb / Wet Bulb', 'Heat / Vent / Spray' conventional kiln), Dehumidification Kiln Controllers (controllers which are geared towards the typical 'Temperature / RH' 'Auxiliary Heat / Dehumidification / Vent' DH kiln) and Predryer Controllers (controllers which are geared towards the typical multiple heat zone predryer).

The Process Controllers page includes an overview description of the different types of industrial process controllers that we have built over the past decade, and links to each type of process controller organized into the following categories: Boiler Auger Controllers (controllers designed to optimally run boiler feed augers), Proportional Pump Controllers (controllers designed to maintain or otherwise control a volume of liquid in a holding tank with proportional control), and Custom Process Controllers (controllers custom designed from scratch to fit YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS!!!).

FAQs are 'Frequently Asked Questions'. In an ideal world, I would have already handled the question which you are about to ask in a comprehensive and understandable manner, and there would be a document prepared which directly and efficiently addressed your specific question. In the real world, FAQs are a continuously improved collection of documents which attempt to address all of the many questions which pop up when you work in a field as large as 'industrial process controllers'.

The Links are various locations around the internet which someone at PCSI thought relevant and worth sharing. Here you'll find external forums, resources and other interesting and worthwhile places to visit.

About is a little area devoted to 'what' PCSI is. PCSI is a small family owned and operated business. Feel free to browse!

The Contact Us page allows you to drop us an email or give us a ring.

VacDry Kilns takes you to our website dedicated to our vacuum dry kiln products.

Please visit our PCS Price List page to review what we have to offer. If you don't see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

Our PC Specialties Customer List gives you a brief overview of the customers whe have sold our equipment to.

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