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KKDA 2013 Spring Meeting

Keystone Kiln Drying Association 2013 Spring Meeting - May 15, 2013 in Williamsport, PA

Dennis Socling, President of VacDry Kilns ( / Process Control Specialties, Inc. will be speaking at the Spring meeting which begins with a tour of Process Control Specialties / VacDry Kilns' manufacturing and research and development facility.

The tour is scheduled to begin at 9:00 am at Process Control Specialties / VacDry Kilns, which is located just outside Jersey Shore, PA.

At 3:00 pm Dennis will address the attendees and explain how vacuum kilns work.


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Website Upgrade

As you may have noticed recently, our web host's upgrade of PHP broke our old content management system. It took me a while to figure out the changes and get everything implemented, but I believe I have the website back to a state I can at least allow it to run live on the server. Please note that we need to recreate everything, so at the moment there is just the shell of the website with text in the appropriate places. Images, proper formatting, and internal links will follow over the coming days. Thank you for your patience!

Welcome to

Welcome to Process Control Specialties, Inc! PC Specialties provides the eastern half of the United States with process control equipment and service, with our focus primarily on the forest products industry. The PCSI website includes information about the various Process Controllers that we build, provides our customer list, a growing exposition of existing installations, and a little background about PCSI and who we are...

Feel free to 'click around' the website, the top menu will always be there to whisk you back to safety (not that you'll get lost!). The 'Latest News' are the most recently updated pages, usually a good place to start if you are already familiar with our website. The 'Popular' items are things that other visitors found interesting enough to click on, another good place to start.

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Regarding the new website


Hello!  This is just a short note from the site administrator, Garrett.  Since we've moved to our new home, everything is a LOT more complicated.  If you notice anything that doesn't work, or seems like it is broken to you, I'd really appreciate it if you could drop me a short note here.


PC Specialties has been in business for over thirty years, with the last twenty focusing primarily on vacuum kiln technology. We build industrial process controllers for the forest products industry, using Partlow 1160 and 5000 series single loop controllers and recorders, as well as products from Future Design. All of these loop controllers are based upon a reference design by West Instruments and are interchangeable.

We make controllers for DH kilns, conventional kilns, predryers and more. We build a variety of custom industrial process controllers, including boiler controllers, fan controllers, proportional pump controllers and more. We also have a computer software product that enables you to monitor and control your process controllers from a remote supervisory computer. Combined with PCAnywhere, you can utilize a phone or dedicated internet connection to access your kilns and controllers from anywhere in the world. We also offer kiln and process control service.

Our controllers are built to be the best: a solid, field servicable design constructed using high quality components.


Process Control Specialties, Inc.
1854 Dutch Hollow Rd.
Jersey Shore, PA 17740

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