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Conventional Kiln Controllers

Robust, inexpensive, and easy to use kiln controllers: are you tired of those old nightmares you have hanging on the wall? It's time to recycle them!

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PC Specialties Conventional Kiln Controller

If you are tired of tearing your gas capillary kiln controller off the wall (and out of your kiln!) every couple years for repair, you are ready for a CK1160-2X! The CK1160-2X was designed as a direct replacement for old gas capillary kiln controllers: it provides pneumatic actuation of your heat, vent and spray valves via readings from front and back Dry Bulb sensors and a back Wet Bulb sensor, and provides a 7-day circular chart of the conditions inside the kiln (when optional chart recorder is added, as shown here).

The CK1160-2X is PCSI's 'standard' kiln controller which is based on our Electrical Kiln Controller. We have built and installed dozens of these units over the years (be sure to check out our customer list!). Since they are a direct upgrade to the Irvington Moore gas capillary controller, the same exact kiln controller can work on a large number of existing kilns with minimal upgrade effort. Here at PCSI, Dennis and I have the retrofit down to typically three man-hours. The CK1160-2X can re-use the existing power connection, the only additional wiring to be run is a single conductor from your reversing starter to switch RTDs from 'forward' to 'backward' and the RTD cable itself (one 'pull' to each RTD sensor).  




PC Specialties Dual Zone Conventional Kiln Controoller

This variant simply adds an additional heat control zone to the standard CK1160-2X design. Beyond two heat zones, a PLC-based system is typically more cost effective though PCSI can design and build any kiln control equipment that can come to mind.




PC Specialties Conventional Kiln Controller Profiling

This system uses two Partlow 1166's to control Dry Bulb (or temperature) and Wet Bulb (or humidity) in any kiln where you want the ability to run schedules and profiles (called 'programs' in the Partlow 1166s). Each 1166 can have up to four separate programs, and each program can have up to 16 segments. For more information on programs and their capabilities, please refer to the Partlow website and the guide I have written which translates the Partlow manual into plain English.

A major difference between the Partlow 7000 based profiling controllers and our new Partlow 1166 based controllers is the fact that each Partlow 1166 can be programmed independently. This means that you can enter completely independant schedules for the dry bulb AND the wet bulb.

Each program can be composed of various segments. For example, you might decide to use the time based segment programming. Then, for each time program segment you can set the end setpoint and the amount of time you want the controller to take to get to that setpoint. At the beginning of each setpoint change, you might want to take it easy on your boiler and tell the controller to raise the dry bulb over a three hour period. You can then add additional dwell and ramp segments as your schedule requires.

The other type of segment is a rate based segment. The end result is the same as a time based segment: you enter the rate (in degrees per hour) at which you want the dry bulb or wet bulb to increase (or decrease). Then you enter the final setpoint. To hold at a setpoint for an amount of time, you simply enter zero for the rate of change, and the amount of time to hold the setpoint for.




PC Specialties Conventional Kiln Controller Electric

The versatile EK1160-2X can handle a variety of kiln types. Highly customizable, the controller can operate 24VDC, 24VAC, or 120VAC actuators and starters found in conventional and dehumidification kilns, as well as predryers. Due to the highly flexible nature of the single-loop controllers, the control possibilities are nearly endless. 

If you don't see the particular configuration you are looking for, it is not a problem! Nearly every controller and installation we do is a custom job. Maybe you have a 24VAC powered, 0-10VDC controlled heating valve? Not a problem! 120VAC powered open/close vents with a separate fan motor control? We have got you covered. Please inquire so we may give you a quote for your particular needs...we can build a controller for YOUR individual situation!




PCS 7000 Drop-in Replacement

Do you have an ailing MRC 7000 that seems to cause nothing but problems? Did you know you can replace it with more robust technology for less than the price of a new MRC 7000? The EK7000-2X Drop-in Replacement Controller is just what you need.

The EK7000-2X is an excellent upgrade to older Partlow MRC 7000 controllers. Stable, robust and inexpensive, the Partlow 1160 controllers are much easier to 'keep running': if they fail, it is a simple matter of sliding the old Partlow 1160 out of its socket and replacing the offending component. If the entire Partlow 1160 has died, instead of needing to remove your entire Partlow 7000 and sending it off for outrageously expensive repairs, you simply slide in a new Partlow 1160, load the program back in, and your downtime has been reduced to two hours instead of two weeks!




Process Control Specialties Pre-Dryer Controller

The PD1160-2X provides exactly what is needed for consistent and reliable predryer control, nothing less and nothing more. Sharing the same basic construction as the rest of the kiln controllers in our line, the PD1160-2X is very inexpensive and simple to operate.

For predryer control, the number of 'control loops' are reduced from three to two: instead of 'Heat/Vent/Spray', you typically only have 'Heat/Vent'. In place of the Spray control switch we place a sensor selector switch, so that various zones can quickly be selected from.




Process Control Specialties DH Controller

These kiln controllers are designed with the needs of dehumidification kilns in mind: they allow your compressor to provide the heat and remove the moisture, while monitoring the temperature and RH and operating 'call for auxiliary heat' or 'call for vents' as the kiln operator allows via off/auto control switches.  

The control switches, control setpoints, and setpoint ramping (see below) allow for best use of your compressor's heat, allowing for as little auxiliary heat and venting to be called as possible.



What Else Should I Know?

There is something available within Partlow loop controllers that you may not have considered: SETPOINT RAMPING. When you use setpoint ramping, your Dry Bulb will increase at the rate you set. If you set the rate at 1.0'F per hour, and then increase the setpoint 10 degrees, the controller will smoothly raise the Dry Bulb setpoint 10'F degrees over a period of 10 hours. Furthermore, you can ramp Wet Bulb right along side the Dry Bulb, improving drying, reducing the number of setpoint changes that need to be entered by an operator, all while easing the load on your boiler that sudden setpoint changes within multiple conventional kiln can cause.

Plus, you have a choice of Wet Bulb or RH transmitter. Tired of leaking reservoirs? Switch out to a simple, clean, and dry RH transmitter, although some care must be taken with regards to the application and installation to protect the electronics from excessive temperatures.  

Finally, you can add computer control with remote access now or in the future. Only need access to the setpoints, process values, and the historical logs over the past day or two? Or would you like your conventional kiln heat control valves to automatically throttle back when your boiler pressure drops on those cold January days? Whatever you'd like to see, PC Specialties can make it happen.


Please visit the PCS Price List page for current pricing.


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