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Kiln Accessories

Accessories and Components: these are components, spare parts, and other items which you might find useful during operation of wood dry kilns. From circular charts to RH sensors, PCSI can get it for you!

Please visit the PCS Price List page for our current pricing.


Recorder Charts - 10" chart recorder charts. We offer a wide selection, but typically only stock 0-200'F, 7 day circular charts.

charts  charts



Chart Recorder Pens - We offer chart recorder pens for Partlow MRC 5000, Partlow MRC 7000, Honeywell DR 4500 and the Future Design Controls DR5000. We typically do not stock pens as they have a fairly limited shelf-life.

chart recorder pens  chart recorder pen



RTDs - Resistance Temperature Devices, we typically stock 4" and 10" 100 Ohm, 3-wire, Class A, DIN 0.00385 Platinum RTDs.

RTDs 4 inch 10 inch  RTDs 4 inch 10 inch



PCSI no longer sells Wet Bulb Socks or Wet Bulb Reservoirs. Please contact DIVI Enterprises directly to order these items at 315-353-2902. Sorry for any inconvenience.


RH Transmitters - Leaking buckets. Mineralized socks. Constant water use. Are you tired of Wet Bulb reservoirs yet?

PCSI offers a RH Transmitter upgrade package for their kiln controllers. If you decide after purchase that you are tired of dealing with your Wet Bulb reservoir, you can purchase the RH Transmitter upgrade at any time. The upgrade consists of the RH Transmitter and a small DIN-mount DC power supply.

Upgrading the controller consists of a slight wiring and configuration change to the Wet Bulb controller, and can easily be performed in the field. The existing Wet Bulb sensor cable can typically be reused.


Please visit the PCS Price List page for our current prices.

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