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PCS Dry Kiln Controllers

We build a variety of conventional kiln, DH, and predryer controllers, all built upon the same fundamental technology: the EK1160-2X. We started using the current design a few years ago when Partlow introduced the MRC 5000. The 5000 is a 2-pen recorder that is priced low enough to allow use of separate “loop” controllers. In kiln control systems, the “loops” are dry bulb and wet bulb (or temperature and RH), but we can configure the same module to control everything from steam pressure in a boiler to vacuum in a vacuum wood dry kiln. The Partlow 1160 process loop controllers have proven to be extremely reliable. The low cost of approximately $300 allows a spare to be placed on the shelf, they are very easy to use and can be hot swapped, they are easily interfaced to computers...they are simply great process loop controllers. If you prefer profiling controllers, the 1160's can be replaced with very similar Partlow 1166 profiling controllers at a very reasonable price.

Utilizing these flexible control modules, we build our controllers around them. We include separate fuse protection for control power and output power: you’ll never find your controller mysteriously “dead” because of something like a bad solenoid valve coil. We add switches for manual ON/OFF or ON/OFF/AUTO control of outputs, and we add lamp or gauge indicators at the controller’s output to verify proper operation. We don't skimp on components: we use quality (and standard) Asco solenoid valves, Parker brass fittings, Allen Bradley switches, Ashcroft gauges, and SensorTec RTD sensors just to name a few components. We provide basic documentation and installation instructions for those who want to do their own installation or we can do the installation for you.

Most of our controllers look basically the same but they are all custom built. We can fax, mail or email a page of questions regarding your specifications. Answering the questions and faxing the sheet back to us allows us to give you an accurate quote regarding the price and details of your control system.

These controllers are individually designed to meet the needs of the wide variety of dry kiln designs and configurations, from full pneumatic valves, to all manners of electronic actuators, and everything in between!

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